About School

Whatever your goals in aviation, be it flying for your own pleasure or working as a line pilot, it all starts with pilot school and obtaining a PPL (Private Pilot License). Pilot school is the initial stage through which absolutely all pilots pass. Achieving your goal in aviation should be supported by determination and perseverance in order to make this dream come true in the near future. Of course, you must be aware of the fact that you will be required to persevere in the study of theoretical disciplines, perseverance and concentration in the development of training flights. Completion of the PPL (A) Private Pilot Certificate program is the basis and the first step for those who decide to become a professional pilot and subsequently obtain a CPL (A) certificate.

In order to start flight training of a private pilot, you must have a valid medical certificate for the second or first class, a certificate of passing theoretical training of a private pilot, as well as studying the PPL (Flight Operations Manual) of the aircraft on which you will undergo flight training.

Many want to, but do not know how to make their dreams come true WE KNOW HOW

“It is impossible!” – Reason said.
“That’s reckless!” – said Experience
“Maybe we shouldn’t?” – said Caution
“It’s useless!” – Pride smiled
“Try…” whispered Dream


Tandem jump from a height of 4200m – with an instructor – 60 seconds of free fall and another 5-6 minutes of flight under the wing. You will be able to operate the parachute yourself – if you want. All this will be captured on video (extra service). You can show the film to your relatives and tell about your experiences.


Aerobatics competition is the most popular and spectacular kind of aerobatics, technically difficult, requiring the use of the utmost capabilities of both the aircraft and the pilot.

Gliding sport

Gliding, one of the sports of aviation, competition in gliders in speed, range and passing a special specified distance. Competitions can be held both on single-seat and two-seat gliders of standard (with a wingspan up to 15 m) and open (no restrictions) classes.